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Here are a few local professionals that may be useful.


Hi, I'm Jo and I'm a birth doula. I help women (and their families) by providing practical and emotional support throughout pregnancy and during the birth of their baby, enabling them to achieve the best birth experience for them. 

I am also a postnatal doula. Having a new baby can sometimes feel overwhelming whether it's the first or fifth time you have become a mum! A postnatal doula supports families in a variety of different ways to make the transition into motherhood as smooth as possible. This could include infant feeding support, helping a mum to care for baby (changing, bathing etc.), looking after baby whilst parents rest or go out for a walk, preparing food, light housework, walking a dog, or just being a listening ear.

For for information, please visit my facebook page here or email me:

Babies Magical Moments

Baby massage groups

Suitable for babies from birth to crawling.

The gentle power of massage can support your baby to sleep better, help relieve colic and so much more!

Weaning information sessions

Thinking about weaning your baby? Not sure where to start?

Come along and find out about the recommended age to start weaning, different styles of weaning, recipes, tasters and much more. 

For for information, please visit my website here or email me:

Other Useful Services: Service
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