Our conception and birth!

We are Amy & Adele, two Clinical Psychologists with  a particular interest in the emotional well being of parents and and their children during the early years of family life.  We are both experienced at delivering talking therapy for a range of issues which might be a struggle for parents in this stage of life; mood, worry, guilt, birth and bonding.  


There is an old saying that "it takes a village to raise a child", meaning that parents need to be supported by a community around them to raise their children.  Sadly, for many parents, that sense of a supportive community around them is not there any more.  We saw the need for community based care and support and this is our venture to fill some of those gaps and create a sense of 'the village'.  

The Koala Tree is an evolving project. We want it to be right for the people who might use it, so please feel free to tell us what we are doing right and how we might do things better.

We have based ourselves within another fantastic local community project - The Old Needle Works in Redditch. Here we can create a space that promotes understanding and growth, healing and care. 




We believe in the importance of relationships, and that as humans we are born to seek connections.


We believe in the importance of sensitivity to emotional suffering and a commitment to alleviate it.


We believe in a community based, accessible service. After all "it takes a village to raise a child."


We believe that wellbeing in infancy promotes lifelong wellbeing.


We believe in creating a space where people feel welcomed, accepted and understood.


Dr Amy Woolston
Director & Clinical Psychologist D.Clin.Psy, HCPC Reg.

My name is Amy and I have been working as a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 2007. I have worked with children and adolescents, adults, and with families from conception and into the early years.  


I am particularly interested in working with mums and dads during their transition to parenthood and the early years. Whilst this can be a psychologically difficult time, I also believe it is also a window of opportunity for therapeutic work.

I am an eclective practitioner, drawing on a number of theoretical psychological models. I have a particular interest in attachment theory and believe that understanding our own early relationships and experiences can give people the framework to move forward. I work with clients as individuals, collaboratively and at their own pace.


Dr Adele Phillips
Director & Clinical Psychologist D.Clin.Psy, HCPC Reg.

My name is Adele and I am a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in psychological wellbeing throughout the journey to parenthood, from pre-conception through to the early years. I am passionate about supporting people to make sense of their struggles and to find strength and courage during this huge life transition. I believe that everybody needs help sometimes.  

I aim to provide a safe space for parents and parents-to-be to explore and reflect on their experiences. I have worked with many individuals, couples and families who have experienced various difficult life events. My therapeutic approach is grounded in compassion and guided by each individual and their needs.


I draw on a number of psychological approaches within my therapeutic work, including (but not limited to) Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). 

Dr Stephanie Boardman
Clinical Psychologist D.Clin.Psy, HCPC Reg.

My name is Stephanie and I am a Clinical Psychologist and have worked in a variety of NHS settings across London and Warwickshire supporting families, couples and individuals in pregnancy and early parenthood.

I believe that relationships are at the core of what determines our quality of life. Often when people come to therapy, they want to think more deeply about how they relate to other people or themselves. I offer a space to think about this, and the challenges and complexities that can arise when becoming a family or trying to conceive. 

I work sensitively and collaboratively with mothers and fathers to make sense of their experiences, and how their life histories have shaped them. I draw on various models to inform my work, including attachment and systemic theory. I believe strongly in the value of the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle to understanding ourselves better and making meaningful change. 

Dr Kelly Wade
Clinical Psychologist D.Clin.Psy, HCPC Reg.

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"Thank you so much for the kindness and compassion you have shown over the past few months. Thanks to your support I now feel I am able to enjoy my daughter like I had hoped to."

"Your warmth and non-judgement have been invaluable in setting me on a better path."